💓Welcome to Heart Stay!💓


We assist foreigners visiting Korea to have a safe stay.

We introduce accommodation for students and language learners in Korea. We make them enjoy culture.


We were international students ourselves.

We help our clients not to experience the inconveniences we faced.

Currently, we are focusing on Japan,

but we are also preparing to assist people from China and English-speaking countries coming to Korea.

Please stay tuned for our updates.

We strive to provide more services and benefits.


For those who have received this business card,

Please upload it on social media with the clear image of our QR code,

And include the hashtags #HEARTSTAY #StudyAbroadinKorea #KoreanLanguageStudy #LifeInKorea.

Then send it to us via Instagram DM (heartstay_korea).

We will send you a Starbucks coupon.


(Note: Due to the potential high volume of participants, it may take up to a week to receive your coupon.

But rest assured, everyone will get one. Please do not delete your post for one month after uploading.)